Color Response, Interim

(How are you feeling today?)

A Free Community Art Project

Color Response, Interim (How are you feeling today?) captures collective color responses based on which colors were chosen at a geographical location and time.

There are three steps to the project:

  1. The artist stands at a table with a complete watercolor palette and asks a participant to choose the 2 colors they are most attracted to in that moment.
  2. The artist paints the chosen two colors on a 5” x 5” square of watercolor paper, which is numbered on the back.
  3. The artist paints two versions, gives one to the participant and keeps one for the collection.

Photo by Quez Shipman

Photo by Quez Shipman

The purpose of watching the painting process is two-fold for the participant:

  1. Provides a stress-release exercise and encourages trust in their creative instinct.
  2. The process, which is a studio warm-up exercise, encourages the participants to become aware and recognize their own creative instincts.

Ultimately, this project builds creative community (through engagement and gift-giving) one participant at a time.

The Color Response portraits are starting by focusing on medical professionals, teachers, and students. The Color Response Collection may be installed by geographic location, timestamp, or by color families. The collection is being stored at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Libraries, Historical Collections.